Christos Bountalis
Software Engineer - Software Developer


Hello, my name is Christos Bountalis. I'm a software engineer / developer mainly focused at the moment in mobile developing iOS and Android. Developing may be my profession but it's also my hobby. "SleeplessOwl" is just a result of one of my little experiment with different server and web technologies. But I plan to further expand it, in order to share some ideas, projects etc.

When you spend most of your time coding(either at work or at your home) time really flies by, and of course there isn't always a lot of free time. The free time however I do have, I spend it usually with one of the following motorcycle, books, music, electronics. Maybe it sounds a bit geeky, but who cares? What it really matters in life is doing the things that you enjoy the most. If you feel like learning more about me or have any questions remarks, feel free to contact me by using the form below.

Of course I couldn't imagine an about / hello page, without the traditional "hello world" message, well maybe a little less traditional this time...

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